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Skis & Snowboards – Rent Vs. Buy

Ski Rentals

Let’s be real – ski and snowboard gear is expensive. It’s big, bulky and can be a huge hassle to store. But without it, you wouldn’t be able to do a vast majority of the winter outdoor activities you love. That’s why renting outdoor gear is a great alternative to purchasing it. Check out these reasons to rent gear!


Once you’ve brought home the bacon, it can be tempting to run out and snag that shiny equipment you’ve been eyeing. But here’s the bottom line: buying winter outdoor gear is not cheap. Renting winter gear, however, significantly lowers the upfront cost. Plus, it’s a great way to try out high-quality gear without breaking the bank. For instance, a new backcountry setup can cost upwards of $1300 but renting one starts around $50. Additionally, keeping your gear in its best condition can come at a high cost. Outdoor gear rentals are maintained to ensure its quality and longevity so you don’t have to. It’s the perfect way to enjoy outdoor activities without making a big investment.

Quality of Gear:

Most outdoor gear rentals are updated every year or two. This means you can usually expect high-quality, fresh gear. Whether it is a splitboard or skate skis, the gear is properly maintained or replaced in order to provide you the best experience. Additionally, if you’re new to an activity, outdoor gear rentals are likely going to be much more affordable than the products typically marketed towards beginners.  


Traveling with outdoor gear can be a downright disaster. It’s often big, bulky, and a huge hassle to transport. The oversize luggage fees can run upwards of $200, and who knows if it’ll actually arrive when you do. Picking up the gear at your final destination will make your trip cheaper, easier and stress-free.

Try New Activities:

Ever wonder what it feels like to backcountry ski? Outdoor gear rentals allow you to try before you buy. A full backcountry setup costs thousands of dollars, which is a huge investment to make for something that may not be your cup of tea. It’s always safer to rent until you know you’re ready to make a full-on commitment to an activity. This allows you to try new activities while comparing different equipment. That way you won’t be thousands of dollars in debt after discovering you’re a resort lover after all.

Try Before You Buy:

Thinking about buying gear but feeling indecisive? Gear rentals allow you to try out the latest and greatest gear. That way you can get a feel for the equipment before committing to a purchase. If you’ve been using the same pair of skis for multiple seasons, you may be considering upgrading to a powder ski, or finding something that’s built for speed. It’s difficult to narrow down the vast selection of skis on the market. Demoing allows you to try out multiple models to see what suits you the best. 


Gear isn’t made to collect dust – it deserves to get outdoors just as much as we do! It’s far more sustainable to rent gear which will get a lot of use, rather than continuously buying new equipment. This is especially true if you are doing something you may only get to do a few times a year, if you are traveling, or trying something completely new. Gear purchased for individual use gets much less usage over its lifetime when compared to gear rentals. 

Get Pro tips and Local Insider Info:

Looking for a human encyclopedia well-versed in the local outdoor scene? Look no further than rental store employees. Taking advantage of outdoor gear rentals at your local shop allows you to get the inside scoop on the surrounding area. After all, employees are passionate and knowledgable about where they live and what they do. They know the best spots to go and have insider tips that will be sure to elevate your experience.

Now that you know the reasons to rent, check out our ski and snowboard rentals and more on Gearo’s marketplace!

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