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Durango, Colorado Skiing and Snowboarding

Durango, Colorado

 Durango, Colorado Skiing and Snowboarding

Durango, Colorado, holds some incredible skiing and snowboarding terrain due to the notoriously spectacular conditions there. Visitors looking to ski and snowboard have many options by visiting this classic Colorado ski town. The resorts nearby to Durango include Purgatory, Wolf Creek Ski Area, Silverton Mountain, and Hesperus ski area. Gearo is here to inform you of information on these places to ski and ride.

Durango, Colorado Skiing, and Snowboarding


Located in the massive San Juan mountains about 25 miles north of downtown Durango, CO. The ski area is known for its dry powder due to frequent snowstorms. Additionally, Purgatory offers around 1600 acres of skiable terrain and 105 trails. Lastly, Purgatory is the most family-friendly resort in the area, with 20% of the resort trails being for beginners and about 45% for intermediate riders. Head to Purgatory for an authentic Colorado mountain experience!

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Wolf Creek Ski Area

Wolf Creek Ski Area is outside of Durango and between South Fork and Pagosa Springs. This resort undoubtedly tops the charts, with an average 430″ of snow each year. Wolf Creek has an even amount of accessible terrain for each ability level, making it a fun resort to visit for everyone. Additionally, the resort is known for the spectacular hike-to-ski terrain, where fresh snow and views are plenty. The area around the ski area is popular for snowmobiling and other various outdoor activities as well.

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Silverton Ski Area

A little over an hour from Durango, you’ll find a backcountry skiers paradise at Silverton Ski Area. This resort has the steeps and the deeps that many advanced/expert skiers and riders chase after. To start, what makes Silverton unique is the one chair lift that takes you high into the alpine. From there, you can traverse and hike to access 1800 acres of skiable, expert terrain. Silverton is the highest mountain in North America and provides guided skiing and riding. If you head to Silverton, make sure to bring avalanche safety gear to ski and ride responsibly.

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Map of Silverton Ski Area

Hesperus ski area- Durango, Colorado Skiing and Snowboarding 

This resort is located about 11 miles west of Durango in the town of Hesperus, Colorado. Hesperus offers around 26 runs and 60 skiable acres. Although this ski area is small, it packs a punch due to the 700 vertical feet from the summit. Hesperus is great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers and riders, with varied level of ski terrain and a summit sitting at 8,888 feet. Lastly, what makes this resort special is that it has the largest night skiing operation in the southwest.





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