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Best Terrain Parks at Aspen/Snowmass

People worldwide know Aspen-Snowmass for its skiing and snowboarding. It is no surprise that its terrain parks are just as amazing as its fine dining and pristine slopes. Whether you are a beginner looking to try your hand at the rails for the first time or are already perfecting your backflip, Aspen-Snowmass has the parks for you. Here are our picks for the best terrain parks at Aspen/Snowmass.


Lowdown Park


Located on the Lower Blue Grouse Trail alongside the Village Express Lift, this park is made for beginners. The features are rated beginner and low-intermediate-level. There are rails, boxes, and even a beginner half pipe in this family friendly terrain park. Head here to begin your journey to the X-Games. 


Makaha Park


Makaha Park is the perfect next step from the beginner level Lowdown Park. Features in this park rank from intermediate to advanced. In addition to Lowdown Park, Makaha is located on the Lower Blue Grouse trail along the Village Express Lift. The size of the features ranges from small, medium, and large making it perfect for tricks of all kinds. Take the next step in your terrain park game at Makaha. 


Snowmass Park


The Snowmass Park is located underneath the Coney Glade Lift. If you are looking for some big air, check out this park. The features in this park range in size from medium to extra large. Park engineers constantly change the over 50 features within Snowmass Park, as a result you never know what you are going to get. Head to this park for major features as well as access to the superpipe.


It is no wonder that Aspen/Snowmass hosts the Winter X-Games every year. They take their terrain parks to a new level for skiers and riders of all abilities. We hope our picks for the best terrain parks at Aspen/Snowmass help you get one step closer to landing that next trick. Check out ski and snowboard rentals nearby!


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