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Where to Backcountry Ski in the US

Backcountry skiing is one of the best ways to enjoy nature and get some amazing untouched powder. Earning your turns in pure wilderness is an experience like no other. Once you get the right gear and training, you need to find the right location. Gearo has you covered with our picks for where to backcountry ski in the US. 



This state is known worldwide as a primer ski destination. Hitting the slopes of one of the 32 Colorado ski resorts guarantees a mellow day in the snow. For those looking to earn their turns and escape the crowds, Colorado has some of the best backcountry skiing as well. 


Indian Peak Wilderness

For backcountry skiing near Boulder, head to the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Indian Peaks Wilderness is an amazing escape from the traffic of I-70 and just 90 minutes from Denver. Within this wilderness, great resorts such as Loveland and Winter Park operate making its backcountry terrain even more amazing. Beginner backcountry skiers can check out more forgiving slopes like Caribou Glades. Those looking for a more advanced route can head up to East Portal with the locals. This area sits at a very high elevation which makes it great for long runs and epic trips. Check out backcountry rentals nearby HERE.


Cameron Pass

For backcountry skiing near Fort Collins, head to Cameron Pass. Cameron Pass, located just a couple miles north of Rocky Mountain National Park, contains a multitude of great backcountry runs. This pass is considered to be a local spot that tends to avoid the crowds of other backcountry locations. Most of the runs in this massive wilderness area are visible from the road, but be prepared to hike or skin up to most run starts. From wide open bowls to steep couloirs, Cameron Pass has something for everyone! Check out backcountry rentals nearby HERE


Berthoud Pass

For backcountry skiing near Denver, check out Berthoud Pass. This pass connects travelers from I-70 to the famed ski resort Winter Park. While Winter Park and Mary Jane are fun resorts to explore, Berthoud Pass itself is great for backcountry skiing. A parking lot at the pass summit allows for access in all directions for skinning, hiking, or even car laps. Beginners can check out the once operating ski resort for low angle terrain. Experts can explore the 65 other slopes in the surrounding area. From adrenaline pumping bowls to playful tree runs, Berthoud Pass provides amazing backcountry skiing access just an hour away from downtown Denver. Check out backcountry rentals nearby HERE.



This state is the wild west of ski country. Acres and acres of untouched powder are available to those who are properly trained and equipped for backcountry skiing. Skiers flock to towns like Bozeman and Whitefish for off-piste turns and wilderness adventures of all kinds. 


Goose Creek

For backcountry skiing near Bozeman, check out Goose Creek. Located in the Northern Gallatin Range and covering both Chestnut Mountain and Mount Ellis. Goose Creek has backcountry runs for beginners and experts. The trails consist of 8 miles of uphill and 5 ski lines.  If you are looking for a multi-day backcountry adventure, there is a trail to the Mystic Lake Cabin. This spot is fairly remote, so make sure you study up on the area before hitting the trails! Find rentals nearby HERE

The Canyon

For backcountry skiing near Whitefish, check out The Canyon. Whitefish is known around the country as a great backcountry destination. The Canyon is accessed within Whitefish Mountain Resort, at the bottom of T-Bar 2. The ski line itself is adjacent to the resort in pristine wilderness. It is a bit more popular than other spots, but its convenient access makes it a great choice for out of towners. Check out rentals nearby HERE.





For backcountry skiing in Vermont check out the Brandon Gap Backcountry Recreation Area

Looking for backcountry skiing near Bend, Oregon? Check out the amazing trails at Vista Butte! Find rentals nearby HERE.


These are just some of the many amazing trails for backcountry skiing. We hope this helps you decide where to backcountry ski in the US!

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