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Cassin X-Dream Ice Axe

From: $12.00
The X-Dream Alpine is the new alpine climbing version of the award-winning X-Dream ice tool. It features the same innovative design and geometry that have made the X-Dream so popular, with the addition of the new alpine handle that incorporates a spike designed for use in the cane position. The standard Ice pick with integrated hammer makes the X-Dream Alpine perfect for pounding pitons and clearing icicles. The X-Trigger Fast shaft pommel provides an adjustable third grip position for choking up high or matching on the tool, and a variety of inserts allow the main grip to be modified both in volume and shape to help climbers craft the perfect grip. The result is a fully optimized tool for technical ice, mixed climbing, and adventurous alpine terrain.   The most innovative feature on the X-Dream Alpine remains with the angle-adjustable handle that allows climbers to switch between Dry and Ice positions. Turn the Allen bolt above the grip to switch between the two positions. In the Dry position, the handle rotates upward for a more downward and outward pull. The Ice position drops the handle for a more natural swing and grip on slabby and vertical terrain.

Cassin All Mountain Ice Axe

From: $12.00
The X-ALL MOUNTAIN tool combines all the best elements - same shaft curve as the X-DREAM plus vice-like head and affordable accessories that come standard. Out-of-the-box the X-ALL MOUNTAIN is set for leashless ice and mixed climbing - with the X-DRY GRIP, SPIKE & HAMMER. It is light, precise and the "beaked" X-ALL PICK assures energy efficient & secure "sticks", ease of removal and a "3 tooth" platform to resist skating off dry holds. Tune your ALL MOUNTAIN to the route and conditions - if you're headed into the alpine, add a Gyro Leash and a pair of wrist loops.

Black Diamond Reactor Ice Axe

From: $12.00
With its open pick angle and leashless design, the Reactor is optimized for pure ice climbing. The tool features a steel head with an aluminum side plate. The tool’s extruded aluminum shaft is combined with a dual density grip that is adjustable to fit all sizes of hands. The Reactor comes ready with the BD Natural Ice Pick, so get stoked … because winter is coming.

Black Diamond Viper Ice Axe

From: $12.00
A durable, easy-to-swing tool built for a full season of winter climbing objectives, the redesigned Black Diamond Viper Ice Tool provides all-around performance for the ice and alpine climber. The Viper’s hydroformed shaft extends through the grip for maximum rigidity and a responsive feel, and our Natural Pick is included to beef up durability on scrappy mountain terrain. The adjustable FlickLock® pommel acts as a secondary grip position for ice climbing and cragging and easily slides up the shaft for choking up on low-angle snow slopes. The modular head allows for easy changing of picks and swapping between hammer and adze.

Walking Ice Axe [One Size]

From: $10.00
$10/Day - Perfect for tramping, hunting and classic alpinism.

Camp Neve Ice Axe

From: $12.00

Whether it's a winter ascent of a local peak, a spring tromp up a corny couloir or summer peak bagging, ice axes are a great tool for any season.

The CAMP Neve axe is a sleek and elegant mountaineering axe with a forged steel pick designed to deliver solid placements in hard snow and provide quick and aggressive self arrests. Available in multiple sizes.