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Five Reasons to Rent a Mountain Bike in Denver

5 Reasons to Rent A Mountain Bike in the Denver Area

Thinking to rent a mountain bike in the Denver area? Here are five reasons to convince you!

1) There’s Something For Everyone

Colorado offers trails for all skill levels, regardless if it’s your first time on the mountain or you’re a seasoned biker venturing out to new trails. You can do cross country, trail riding, and downhill mountain biking all in the same place. Trail ratings may vary, so be sure to warm up on the easy trails and work your way up before pushing your limits. Check out this mountain biking trail difficulty ratings system before you go.


2) It’s Always Mountain Biking Season

While seasonal sports like skiing and snowboarding require snowfall, mountain biking can be done year-round. Although the best riding conditions are late spring through fall, the rise of fat tire bikes allows for mid-winter rides on snow-covered trails.


3) You Don’t Need Resorts or Lifts

Perhaps the best part about mountain biking is that you don’t need to buy pricey tickets for chair lifts at a resort. Many of Colorado’s state parks, national parks, and forests have an array of trails, so if you’re able to bike uphill, it’s a great and inexpensive way to get outside, explore, and exercise. Just be sure to check in with rangers about rules and trail closures. Trail Link is a helpful guide showcasing some of the great trails that Denver and Colorado have to offer. 


4) It’s An Incredible Source of Exercise and Adventure

Biking is a great source of exercise and has a lower impact on your joints as opposed to activities like running. With mountain biking, steep inclines and rocky terrains add a fun challenge and transform the workout. You can burn a ton of calories, and the best part is that you can get out and explore the outdoors while staying fit. Best of all, it allows you to cover more ground and explore more than if you were on foot. If you’re looking for an intense source of exercise that’s more exciting than going to the gym or even on a hike, rent a mountain bike and explore Colorado! 


5) It’s A Great Group Activity

Hitting the trails with a group of friends, family or coworkers is a great way to have fun and even drive some friendly competition. It’s also great for team bonding. Renting mountain bikes and tackling trails as a team gets people outdoors, exercising and having fun together. If you are new to Colorado, there are many riding groups you can join to meet new people and have fun while getting to know each other. One of the top mountain biking destinations in the country, Crested Butte has a bunch of fun groups to join such as the oldest mountain bike club in the world, the CBMBA.


So what are you waiting for?  Rent great mountain bikes and more with Gearo and get out there!

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