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Top 3 SUP Spots in Honolulu

Shipwreck & Reef Diving | Honolulu, Hawaii

Paddleboarding is one of the most beautiful and impressive sports out there, but it can be extremely intimidating at first. Between the waves, the board, the paddle and staying afloat, there is a lot to think about. Gearo is here to help you find the best beaches to help you get out in the waves safely! Here are our top three SUP spots in Honolulu. 


Canoes at Waikiki Beach 

Waikiki Beach is arguably the most famous beach on the island of Oahu. Located near the heart of downtown Honolulu, the beach provides sandy entrances and warm waters. Canoes is located near the beach entrance and is famous for the traditional canoes that often occupy its waters. The long, gentle break makes it perfect for paddleboarding. The only downside to this ideal location is the crowds. Because it is located near all the famous resorts, Waikiki is notoriously littered with tourists. 


White Plains Beach 

When you are looking to escape the crowds at Waikiki, head to White Plains Beach (around 30 minutes from Honolulu).This beach is long with a variety of different surf breaks to choose from. The exposed reef break makes it a reliable source of gentle, slow breaking waves year round. Beginners will find its smaller and consistent waves great for improving their SUP skills. 


Pua’ena Point Beach Park

When you are ready for some more challenging waters, Pua’nea Point is a great location. The waves at this beach are usually small to medium size but can become bigger depending on the swell. This beach is the perfect spot to practice your surf reading skills. Check out websites like Surfline for daily reports. The bottom is a mix of sandy sections and rocky outcroppings. Waves at Pua’ena Point, no matter their size, are great for SUP. Many insstructors take their students here due to the manageable waves. 


These are our top three SUP spots in Honolulu. No matter your skill level, there are beaches near Honolulu where you can find a suitable wave. There is no better place to get on a board than the birthplace of surfing itself! Check out SUP rentals and lessons with Gearo HERE and get out on the waves today!

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