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Paddleboard Rentals in Denver: What SUP?

Where do I start?

If you’re a SUP newbie it’s not always clear which board best suits your needs and skill level. There are three main things to consider when choosing the perfect paddleboard rentals in Denver, or anywhere for that matter.

  1. Determine the hull type
  2. Choose an inflatable or solid board
  3. Refine with your height and weight

Planing vs Displacement Hull

There are two types of SUP hulls: The planing hull and the displacement hull. A planing hull closely resembles a large surfboard in that it is shaped thinner from top to bottom, and wider from side to side. The tip of the board will also have a slight rise to keep you on top of the water and create less drag. Their wider dimensions also offer more stability for beginners. We would recommend a planing hull for activities like leisure paddling and SUP yoga. It also makes for a great whitewater paddleboard if you’re looking for an adventure.

A displacement hull is shaped more like a canoe would be. It makes it easy to cut through the water rather than riding on top of it. This makes it great for paddlers looking for a more efficient and speedy SUP.

Compare paddleboard rentals in Denver with planing and displacement hulls here

Photo: Altitude Paddleboards

Inflatable vs Solid Boards?

Next, it’s important to consider if you want an inflatable board or solid board. If you are looking for paddleboard rentals in Denver and traveling to the mountains to use it, an inflatable SUP would be the best choice. When they’re not blown up, you won’t have any trouble fitting it in your trunk, meaning that you’ll have more room to bring your friends. However, if you’re looking for a board that is able to perform in more difficult conditions while still offering stability, then a solid SUP might be a better choice for you. Just know that if travel is involved, you will likely need a roof rack or truck bed.

Height and Weight

To make sure a paddleboard will work best for you it’s a good idea to consider your own weight and height. This will affect how the SUP will act in the water and how you will feel riding it. If you book paddleboard rentals that are too small for you, you might find that it is less forgiving and stable in the water. And if it’s too big, it will be difficult to navigate. In order to find the perfect board,  it is best to make sure its dimensions suit your build. The important dimensions to consider are length, width, and thickness. Luckily, most rental listings include a sizing chart for the particular board so that any issues can be avoided.

Finding Rentals

Because of the prevailing outdoorsy nature of the city, there are plenty of great places to rent paddle boards in Denver. However, it can be a little overwhelming trying to compare all the prices, boards, and packages that each retailer offers. Gearo offers the perfect solution to this problem. Our website makes it easier than anywhere to find the perfect paddleboard rentals in Denver for your adventure by showing you the rental inventory of multiple shops throughout the city and surrounding area, all in one convenient location.

Check out Paddleboard Rentals in Denver Here!

Where to go? 

There are many great places to use paddleboard rentals in Denver, and the surrounding area. To make it a little easier, here are some of the best places to spend your day, or even a weekend.

Near Denver:

  • Smith Lake at Washington ParkLocated in the Southern Denver, Smith Lake provides visitors with a pleasant setting to learn how to SUP on a smooth body of water
  • Sloan Lake Mountain views to the west, scenic Downtown to the east. (Just don’t fall in the water)
  • Confluence Park: If you’re looking for some nearby thrills, you can ride through some rapids at the intersection of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek

Confluence Canoe and Kayak

Within 30 minutes of Denver:

  • Chatfield Reservoir: Located in nearby Littleton, Chatfield Reservoir gives paddleboarders a closer encounter with the outdoors. Another benefit is that because of the size of the reservoir, there is more room for everyone to do their thing! Better yet, Altitude Paddleboards is right around the corner for all your SUP needs.
  •  Cherry Creek Reservoir: Hmmmm, I think we’re beginning to sense a trend here. Aurora, Colorado’s Cherry Creek reservoir is another larger body of water located a hop, skip, and a jump from the city. This is a great spot for residents that live in or around Southeast Denver.
  • Boulder Reservoir: If you have any plans to shoot up 36, Boulder Reservoir is a great option. While on the water, you’ll be sure to enjoy some great views of the Flatirons.


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