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Paddle Boarding in San Diego

San Diego is the perfect place for paddle boarding. Its many lagoons and bays provide miles of flat water for stand up paddle boarding and other paddle sports. Here are our top three spots for paddle boarding in San Diego. 


San Diego Bay

This bay is located adjacent to the heart of downtown San Diego. There are many attractions along the bay including the Midway Naval Ship. Paddling this bay provides beautiful views of the city and Coronado Island to the West. The bay is known for being a bit crowded, so be aware of your surroundings at all times. Find paddle rentals near San Diego Bay HERE.


Mission Bay

Mission Bay is also located mere minutes away from downtown San Diego and is famous for its 27 miles of shoreline. This bay expands over 4,600 acres with warm and calm water which is perfect for paddle boarding. There are many inlets and islets to explore within the bay and its shallow waters make it great for kids. Find paddle rentals near Mission Bay HERE.


La Jolla Shores Park 

La Jolla Shores is located about 15 minutes from downtown San Diego. This park is known to have some of the most gentle surf within all of San Diego county. It is a great location for those looking for a more open sea paddling experience. Paddlers can explore the coastal cliffs of La Jolla Cove. If you’re lucky, you might spot a sea lion along the cliffs. Find paddle sport rentals near La Jolla HERE


These are just a couple picks for paddle boarding in San Diego, there are so many other great places as well. We hope this helps you narrow your search as well as find paddleboard rentals for your next adventure!

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