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Best Beaches Near Honolulu

The warm, sandy beaches of Honolulu provide the perfect setting for a day in the sun. From swimming, surfing, to sun bathing, there are so many ways to enjoy the warm water and tropical weather. Here are our picks for the best beaches near Honolulu! 

Waikiki Beach (Closest)

There are few beaches near Honolulu as iconic as Waikiki Beach. This beach is world famous due to its location near the heart of Honolulu. Most Oahu resorts and hotels are near this beach, making it popular with many tourists. It is also an extremely popular surfing and SUP spot among locals and tourists alike. This beach can get busy, especially on the weekends, but that is a small price to pay for its sheer accessibility! 


Ewa Beach Park (Close)

Located about a 30 minute drive from Honolulu, Ewa Beach Park is a popular local beach known for swimming, picnicking, and gathering an edible seaweed called Limu. The park itself is 5 acres of beach and grass. Within the park there is also a playground that is great for kids. The beach is narrow but sandy, which makes it ideal for swimming and wading into the warm waters. There isn’t much shade at the park so make sure you bring sunscreen! 


Maili Beach Park (Far)

This park is a great beach escape located around 30 miles from downtown Honolulu. The park itself expands 40 acres and has a long sandy beach with plenty of room to spread out. The water’s edge is slightly rocky but there are some areas with completely sandy entrances. Two famous surf spots are within the park: Green Lanterns and Tumbleland. This beach is a great location for a day in the sand away from the crowds of Honolulu. 


Makua Beach (Farthest)

Makua Beach is one of the most secluded beaches on the island of Oahu. Visitors must drive one hour from Honolulu to reach this beach which is nestled along the Waianae Mountain Range. The beach is a part of the Ka’ena Point State Park and has no lifeguard or public facilities available like the beaches listed above. This is truly a destination for those looking for a rugged and raw beach experience. Those who make the trek can enjoy a never-crowded beach and activities like swimming and bodysurfing. 


These are just some of our picks for the best beaches in Honolulu. Whether you are looking for convenient and local or secluded and wild, there are so many amazing beaches near Honolulu. If you are looking to try out the Honolulu surf, check out our website for surfboard rentals near you!

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