Ski Resorts in the U.S. with Great Terrain Parks

Ski Resorts in the U.S. with Great Terrain Parks

Whether you’re an advanced park skier or you’re just interested in trying it out, there’s a large range of ski resorts in the US that have terrain parks suitable for all skill levels. Next time you plan to hit the slopes on your vacation, try out one of these ski resorts with awesome terrain parks.

Mammoth Mountain, California


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Located on a dormant volcano in California’s Sierra Mountains, Mammoth Mountain boasts an average 400 inches of snowfall and over 300 days of sunshine a year (most weather reports you can find via their website here). Mammoth ski resort revamped its terrain park in 2012. Depending on snow coverage, it now has around 100 acres dedicated to their park, where you can find jumps, jibs, and pipes. They have areas for all ability levels and park preferences. The best part about Mammoth Mountain is their long season. Typically opening mid-late November, their seasons can run into early June or even August! That gives you plenty of time to make true progression in your skill, style and flow in the park and minimizes the struggle to refresh each season.

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Bear Mountain, California

Located in Southern California’s San Bernardino National Forest, Bear Mountain is a very popular resort for Southern California’s skateboarders and surfers during the winter months. While the mountain is nowhere near as big as other California destinations, Bear Mountain’s park is built around a constantly shifting culture that caters to skiers and riders’ needs. Each season, Big Bear kicks off the season with an event called Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails which consists of a one-of-a-kind rail jam, live music, and groomed snow. Check out the calendar for events year-round on Big Bear’s website. The season doesn’t last as long as Mammoth Mountain’s, but the grooming team does a fantastic job keeping the jumps and runs clean. When the snow is good, the Superpipe will open up for you to practice your moves.

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Keystone, Colorado

Keystone lays out across three mountains and has five bowls for all levels. Their terrain parks are a small portion of the entire resort. This has not prevented it from becoming a hub for pros and beginners alike. They put a heavy focus on allowing beginners to come to the resort and have a place to learn and improve while a seasoned veteran can still have a great time in the main park. They also have a wide assortment of terrain including jibs, jumps, and two pipes. At this high elevation, the ski season is a considerable length to give you more time to hone in on your skills. If you’re just beginning to dip your toes into park skiing, Keystone has plenty of information on their website on how to get started.

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Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow, Vermont



At most mountains on the east coast, the terrain park  usually consists of just a trail or two. However, this is not the case at Carinthia. In 2008, Mount Snow announced that they would be devoting the entire Carinthia face to parks and pipes. Since its opening it has grown immensely, flaunting hundreds of features spread out across over 100 acres at peak season. Nitro, Carinthia’s main park, is nearly a mile long and scattered with boxes, rails, and jumps. It truly has features to accommodate all ability levels. Gulch and Inferno are the homes to the larger features. They have each hosted events such as Level 1’s SuperUnknown and the Dew Tour. In addition to this, 2018 saw the construction of a new base lodge, complete with two bars. This will be sure to help ease the pain of any falls taken on the hill throughout the day. You can check out their website here!

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Copper, Colorado

Boasting a partnership with renowned Woodward, Copper has become a big name in the terrain park world. Woodward at Copper has a long season that runs into the Summer with their camp facilities. Woodward puts a focus on choosing the right parks and putting time and effort into them every season. Their jibs and jumps are there to help skiers and riders to progress at a rate that’s right for them. They’ve also been willing to innovate through their partnerships with athletes and brands alike. All four of their parks are normally up and running by December.

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Seven Springs, Pennsylvania



Living up to its’ name, Seven Springs has seven unique terrain parks spread out across the ski resort. The Streets, one of their most notable parks, mimics the urban terrain that made way into skiing and snowboarding over the last two decades. This blend of urban and park riding is contains walls, rails, and stairs to unleash your inner urban flow. The biggest jumps at the resort sit alongside the 22ft Superpipe at The Spot. Arctic Blast, North Park and Santa’s Beard are great areas for new riders to get a feeling for their equipment and the conditions before transitioning to larger features. Pirates Riglet Park specifically designed for children aged 4-7, allows even the kids to join in the fun! 

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