Gearo Launches COVID-19 Relief Program

Gearo; a curated outdoor gear marketplace and software platform, announced today that their software platform will be free for outdoor retailers for the next six months as a part of their COVID-19 Relief Program. Gearo’s software, Gearo Automator, empowers outdoor retailers to manage their rentals online with booking capabilities. It also has the functionality to manage e-commerce businesses as well as services.

Gearo Automator works with the Gearo network of retailers to enhance their customers’ booking experience. With the current COVID-19 circumstances taking its toll on the outdoor industry, Gearo rolled out a relief program to support retailers during this time with curbside pickup and delivery automation.

“Our goal since day one has been to increase our retailer’s revenue. Now more than ever that goal is our focus and we all need to put efforts forward to re-strengthen our community during these times,” said Founder and CEO; Justine Barone. “Retailers are trying to determine how to adjust their business models to adhere to social distancing; we are making our tools more accessible with our relief program to help them through that process.”

Learn more about Gearo’s COVID-19 Relief Program for Retailers here, find more resources here, or reach out to dl@gearo.com with any questions.



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