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Gearo Retailer Spotlight: Altitude Paddleboards

Get to know the Gearo retailer community. This month we are getting to know Altitude Paddleboards, a SUP retailer, established in 2012. Located in Littleton, CO; Altitude Paddleboards was the first stand up paddleboard-dedicated retailer to open in Colorado and their business has been expanding ever since!

Meet JB and Nancy; husband and wife and Co-Founders of Altitude Paddleboards!

About the owners:

John and Nancy enjoy being outdoors during all seasons. They are active in whitewater river sports, standup paddle boarding, and skiing. They enjoyed living the island lifestyle on Oahu for over a decade and then decided to move to Colorado in 2003.  Since moving to Littleton, Nancy and John have been exploring the local mountains and rivers as well as spending more time at their family cabin in Montana.

What inspired Altitude Paddleboards?

Living the surf lifestyle in Hawaii was a huge positive impact on our lives and after moving to Colorado we were determined to keep that going through frequent trips to the ocean. We were aware of the emerging sport of standup fairly early on and were attracted to the sport as a combination of our love of kayaking and surfing.  We decided to open up a standup paddleboard surf shop as an entrepreneurial adventure in promoting a sport accessible to a wide variety of people.

What is most rewarding about owning Altitude Paddleboards?

Turning people on to a healthy lifestyle sport that connects you to the water here in land-locked Colorado

What were you doing before Altitude Paddleboards?

John was a full-time environmental engineer consultant and he swore that off in 2012 for opening up the surf shop. Nancy is a deaf education researcher at CU Boulder and is close to joining John on the full-time surf lifestyle in Colorado.

What is your favorite pastime?

We both enjoy river SUP surfing, ocean surfing and flat water paddling locally and in our travels to other countries. John enjoys working on Winter Park Ski Patrol between winter surf trips to central America.  Nancy enjoys the yoga and SUP Yoga practice and lifestyle.

What is your philosophy to live by?

Choose to live the life of your dreams, help others, eat healthy, keep fit, and stick with it.


Support JB and Nancy and rent one of their awesome boards! Check out their rental fleet here.

Be sure to tune in for Gearo’s next vendor spotlight!

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